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Xubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus)

This is the Final Beta pre-release.

Xubuntu Pre-releases are NOT recommended for:

  • Regular users who are not aware of pre-release issues.
  • Anyone who needs a stable system.
  • Anyone uncomfortable running a possibly frequently broken system.
  • Anyone in a production environment with data or workflows that need to be reliable.

Xubuntu Beta pre-releases ARE recommended for:

  • Users who want to help us test by finding, reporting, and/or fixing bugs. You can find more about helping to test and bug triage at Xubuntu testing.
  • People wanting to see and test how the current snapshot of Xubuntu 17.04 will look and behave.

This release is using the 4.10 kernel, LibreOffice has been updated to 5.3.0

Main Ubuntu Release Note for more general issues and updates.

Known Issues

Installer Issues

General Issues

  • Parole crashes on seek 32bit ( 1667786)


  • Thunar 1.6.11
    • Fixes to various crashes while renaming,copying bugs
  • xubuntu-default-settings
    • New file templates included - OpenDocument Writer, OpenDocument Spreadsheet
  • xfce4-taskmanager
    • New release includes ability to click on window to select process
  • xfce4-notifyd
    • New release includes persistence support.


Changes post-16.10 release

* mugshot (changelog)

* parole (changelog)

* thunar (changelog)

* xfdesktop4 (changelog)

* xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin (changelog)

* xubuntu-default-settings changelog

* exo changelog

Major application versions

* catfish (changelog)

* menulibre (changelog)

* xfpanel-switch (changelog)

* xfwm4 (changelog)

* xfce4-power-manager (changelog)

* xubuntu-artwork (changelog)

* xubuntu-default-settings (changelog)

* xubuntu-docs (changelog)

* xubuntu-meta (changelog)

Other Application Versions

* blueman (changelog)

* exo (changelog)

* firefox (changelog)

* gtk-theme-config (changelog)

* gtk2-engines-xfce (changelog)

* lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings changelog

* lightdm-gtk-greeter (changelog)

* orage (changelog)

* pavucontrol (changelog)

* thunderbird (changelog)

* xfburn (changelog)

* xfce4-cpugraph-plugin ( changelog)

* xfce4-dict (changelog)

* xfce4-notes-plugin (changelog)

* xfce4-weather-plugin (changelog)