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Previous Xubuntu leaders

The following individuals have been instrumental in their former roles in helping to shape and direct Xubuntu. Some continue to be key members of our community while others have moved on to pursue other challenges.

Role Name IRC nick
Xubuntu Project Lead Jani Monoses jani
Xubuntu Project Lead Lionel Le Folgoc mr_pouit
Xfce4 liaison Jannis Pohlmann JPohlmann
Xubuntu Project Lead Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville
Marketing lead Pasi Lallinaho knome
Debian liaison MichaelCasadevall NCommander
Documentation lead Jim Campbell j1mc
Xubuntu Project Lead Charlie Kravetz charlie-tca
Website lead Vincent Tunru vinnl
Testing lead Charlie Kravetz charlie-tca
QA lead Janne Jokitalo astraljava
Technical lead Lionel Le Folgoc mr_pouit
Documentation lead Jack Fromm jjfrv8
Xubuntu Project Lead Pasi Lallinaho knome
Debian liaison Lionel Le Folgoc mr_pouit
Website lead Elizabeth K. Joseph pleia2
QA lead Elfy elfy