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Teams and Leaders

Below is table of individuals who have volunteered to take specific responsibility for certain components and teams of the Xubuntu project. The complete list of people working in each team can be found by following the team links.

Role Name IRC nick Launchpad team(s)
Xubuntu Council Several, see below xubuntu-council
Release manager Sean Davis, David Pearson bluesabre, akxwi-dave xubuntu-release
Technical lead Sean Davis bluesabre xubuntu-dev
Artwork lead Simon SteinbeiƟ ochosi xubuntu-art
Website lead xubuntu-website
Debian liaison Unit 193 Unit193 N/A
Marketing lead Elizabeth K. Joseph pleia2 N/A
QA lead David Pearson akxwi-dave xubuntu-qa
Documentation lead David Pires slickymaster xubuntu-doc

Xubuntu Council

The Xubuntu Council consists of 3 members and oversees the project's main direction. It replaces the previous Project Leader role.

The current council members are:

Previous leaders

The previous leaders for Xubuntu are listed on the Previous leaders page.

Teams supervised by others

Team Launchpad team(s) Supervisor
Xubuntu uploaders xubuntu-uploaders developer-membership-board
Contact: DeveloperMembershipBoard
Xubuntu IRC operators irc-xubuntu-ops
Contact: IRC/IrcCouncil