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Ideas for Magazine articles

We were recently approached by Sonny Gaviola who is seeking to publish a special edition of their magazine and writes: “I have an idea to make a special part (with its own layout) of this issue, devoted to Xubuntu. It would be a guide for people already familiar with Linux, and trying to choose proper distribution for their needs. We would show Xubuntu advantages and greatest application working in Xfce environment.”

Since it's targeted at existing users, he explained that articles can be “from installation and configuration, through applications presentations up to advanced issues (like performance tuning and security).”

Update (26 Mar): Just got notes back from the magazine editor, we can begin writing! Each article should be 2 to 8 printed pages, each page should expect to have have 2500 characters and 2 screen shots/images. Read full update here.

Elizabeth on the schedule: Articles are due on April 15, so I'll ask that you get them to me by April 5th so I can review them. Release date for the magazine itself is 25th of April.

Update (26 Apr): We've gotten the articles back from the editor and some of them need extending. See the mail here.

Update (1 Aug): Most contributors should have received their print copy of the magazine! Also available for purchase here: Linux Identity Starter - Ubuntu Family 13.04 Raring Ringtail

List of articles