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Telegram Groups and IRC Bridge

Telegram is an instant messenger platform that has become popular in the open source community and it would be beneficial to have official support behind the platform as another support platform. An IRC bridge can be implemented to bridge between existing IRC channels and new telegram groups.

  • Implemented by other flavors like Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio (Studio uses Matrix rather than telegram with its IRC bridges)
  • Implemented with successful results during the Ubuntu Testing Week for 20.04 with the #ubuntu-quality channel
  • Implemented by other open source projects like Fedora and LibreOffice
  • The bridge ensures that users of both platforms are accessible to each other
  • IRC bridge takes low resources and was set up and tested on #xubuntu-support
  • Telegram users are accessible even when they leave the group
  • Telegram group is easily searchable and discoverable, as some users have already found the non-advertised support group
  • Telegram isn't an open source platform
  • The IRC bridge requires sysadmins to be available to fix any issues