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Xubuntu Guide for New Testers

After reading the introduction on the website, this 'New Tester' wiki will take you through the simple steps that will enable you to join the community, start to help making Xubuntu better, and get testing.

It's important to remember that pretty much anything that you are able to do during a development cycle is of great use to the Xubuntu community. Even if you've only got 30 minutes during the whole development cycle to test that Xubuntu installs properly then this would be both a very worthwhile contribution and, most importantly, greatly appreciated.

To avoid confusion, first it's worth clearing up a few terms which we use both within these pages and elsewhere in the Xubuntu world:

  • OS - Operating System, referring here to Xubuntu
  • ISO/Image - the file you download to install Xubuntu
  • Cycle - this refers to the 6 month development cycle which ends with the release of the next Xubuntu-version.
  • LP - Launchpad - a site where much of the source code, bug reports are hosted, and where you can ask questions, report bug.
  • VM - Virtual Machine, software to emulate a computer within a computer; examples of such software are VMWare, VirtualBox and the Linux Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM)
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat - a service allowing people to communicate online.

Right, OK, How do I start helping?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

We suggest that you read at least the first two pages before making a decision as to how you can help Xubuntu best.

The Xubuntu Team mostly uses IRC to keep in contact with each other. You can contact them there as well: simply choose the IRC tab on the developers tracker, or visit #xubuntu-devel now. More information on IRC is also included in the fine tuning wiki page.