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Following on from the introduction we have on the website, this takes you through more detailed steps. So, hopefully by the time you've read through these few pages you will feel well enough informed about the basics to join the community, start to help making Xubuntu better, and get testing.

There are a few terms which we use both within these pages and elsewhere in the Xubuntu world.

  • OS - Operating System, referring here to Xubuntu
  • ISO/Image - the ISO you download to install Xubuntu
  • Cycle - this refers to the 6 month development cycle which ends with the release of our distro.
  • LP - Launchpad - where much of the source code, bug reports are hosted.
  • VM - Virtual Machine, amongst others VMWare, VirtualBox and of course the Linux Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Right, OK, How do I start helping?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

It's important to remember that pretty much anything that you are able to do during a development cycle is of great use to the Xubuntu community - If you've even only got 30 minutes during the whole 6 months to test that Xubuntu installs properly then this would be both a very worthwhile contribution and, most importantly, greatly appreciated.

The Xubuntu Team makes heavy use of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to keep in contact with each other, to that end they provide a simple method of contacting them on IRC; simply choose the IRC tab on the developers tracker. For more information on IRC we have included it on the last of our New Tester wiki pages.