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Team Hardware

A checklist of available testing systems that members of team are able to utilise during cycle testing.

QA can use information when requesting specific testing calls requiring Team participation

Real Hardware

Member HW ID Type GPU Monitors Milestone Daily Comments
ochosi ochosi-laptop Laptop Nvidia 2 X
ochosi ochosi-desktop Desktop Intel 2 X office machine, only VM tests
bluesabre sean-laptop Laptop N+I (Prime) 2 X Manual Partition format only, Hardware Profile
akxwi-dave dave-desktop Desktop AMD 1 X Clean installs during cycle
akxwi-dave dave-laptop1 Laptop Intel/Nvidia 1 X Manual Partition format only
akxwi-dave dave-laptop2 Laptop Intel 1 X X full range of partioning - testing laptop
Noskcaj laptop Laptop Intel 4400 1 X X devel release installed, package testing
Noskcaj gaming-pc Desktop AMD R9 290 1 X X Hardware specific testing
jjfrv8 jjf-desk-main Desktop Intel Xeon 2 X VM testing between milestones
jjfrv8 jjf-desk-test Desktop Intel Broadwell 1 X X Manual partition only, multi-boot with Windows 10
jjfrv8 jjf-laptop Laptop Intel 1 X
pleia2 lyz-laptop Laptop AMD 1 X X Hardware testing, dual boots with Windows 7
dkessel dkessel-xps Laptop Intel/Nvidia 1 (2) X Dell XPS 15
dkessel dkessel-mini Laptop Intel 1 (2) X X Dell Inspiron Mini 10v
dkessel dkessel-eee Laptop Intel 1 (2) X (live) ASUS Eee PC 901
skellat RoadWarrior Laptop AMD? 1 X Toshiba Satellite C55D-A
nairwolf nairwolf-toshiba Laptop Intel 1 X X Toshiba Satellite C650-17N
nairwolf narwolf-asus Laptop Intel 1 X X (live) Asus Zenbook UX301-LA

VM testing possibility

  • bluesabre
  • elfy (Vbox/KVM)
  • jjfrv8
  • knome
  • slickymaster
  • Unit193
  • akxwi-dave
  • lyz
  • dkessel
  • skellat