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 ===== Notable Changes ===== ===== Notable Changes =====
 +==== Incompatibility with BIOS in certain Lenovo, Acer systems ====
 +A bug in the Linux 4.13 kernel shipped in Ubuntu 17.10 can leave users unable to update any of their BIOS settings, including their system’s boot order, after booting this version of Ubuntu.
 +A kernel with a fix for this issue will be available in zesty-updates shortly, but, the Ubuntu 17.10 installer images still contain the kernel with this bug.  **Users with affected systems should not upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 or boot an Ubuntu 17.10 installer image until this issue as resolved.**  Doing so may result in your computer requiring professional servicing in order to restore BIOS functionality.
 +A full list of known affected models can be found in [[| Bug 1734147]]
 +If you have already installed Ubuntu 17.10 on an affected system, you may not immediately notice this problem because Ubuntu will continue to boot from disk.  To verify whether your system has been affected by this bug, create a USB stick with the Ubuntu 16.04 desktop image and try to boot it.  If you are able to boot it, your system has most likely not been impacted by this bug.
 ==== Appearance Updates ==== ==== Appearance Updates ====