Xubuntu 19.10 Release Notes

Installer Issues

  • System doesn't boot after installation - Legacy mode / 2 disks (1847898)

General Issues

  • GNOME Font Viewer: Crashes in the live environment (1845362)
  • Ubiquity: Chooses which drive to install to with no user input (964331)
  • Xfce Pulseaudio Plugin: Multiple notifications displayed if multiple Pulseaudio plugins added to panel (1769775)
  • Xfce Task Manager: Tooltips become unresponsive (1740578, fix committed upstream)

Ubuntu Generic Release Note

The main Ubuntu release note covers both many of the other packages we carry and more generic issues.

Major Updates

Xfce 4.14

Released in August 2019, Xfce 4.14 is a modern desktop built on top of the latest libraries. From the release announcement:

In this 4.14 cycle the main goal was to port all core components to Gtk3 (over Gtk2) and GDBus (over D-Bus GLib). Most components also received GObject Introspection support. Along the way we ended up polishing our user experience, introducing quite a few new features and improvements and fixing a boatload of bugs.

Release Announcement / Feature Tour / Changelog

Light Locker Replaced by Xfce Screensaver

Light Locker, our lockscreen since Xenial, has now been replaced with Xfce Screensaver. The new screensaver application is tightly integrated with Xfce and includes a number of features to significantly improve the lock experience in Xubuntu.

  • Improved support for suspend and hibernate, including laptops
  • Integration with Xfce Power Manager
  • Support for X11 Screensaver signals
  • DPMS support for better monitor power management
  • Support for all Xscreensaver screensavers

Keyboard Shortcuts

Xubuntu 19.10 includes two new keyboard shortcuts to make transitioning from other desktop environments easier.

  • Super + L will now lock your session.
  • Super + D will now show and hide your desktop.

ZFS on root

  • Support for ZFS as the root filesystem is added as an experimental feature in 19.10
  • When installing, select “EXPERIMENTAL: Erase disk and use ZFS” to create the ZFS file system and partitioning layout automatically
    • This feature is unavailable with manual partitioning options
  • You can read more details on Didrock's blog here and here

Other Updates

Color Emoji

Color emoji popup

During this development cycle, the team voted on whether to bring color emoji to Xubuntu. We didn't get quite enough votes to come to a decision, but if you're interested in having color emoji, it's easy to add or remove!

Installing color emoji
sudo apt install fonts-noto-color-emoji

Restoring monochrome emoji
sudo apt remove fonts-noto-color-emoji


Xubuntu/Other Packages

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Xfce Applications

Xfce Panel Plugins

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