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These release notes are a work in progress and are not indicative of the final release.

(DRAFT) Xubuntu 20.04 Release Notes

Installer Issues

  • System doesn't boot after installation - Legacy mode / 2 disks (1847898)
  • grub-installer chooses which drive to install to with no user input (964331)

General Issues

  • GNOME Font Viewer: Crashes in the live environment (1845362)
  • Xfce Pulseaudio Plugin: Multiple notifications displayed if multiple Pulseaudio plugins added to panel (1769775)
  • Xfce Settings Daemon: Sometimes does not run after logging in, appearance and configuration issues (1870641)

Ubuntu Generic Release Note

The main Ubuntu release note covers both many of the other packages we carry and more generic issues.

Major Updates

Xubuntu Community Wallpaper Contest

Xubuntu hosted a new community wallpaper contest, where 6 winners were selected from a total 237 submissions. The selection was based on a team vote.

Greybird Dark Theme

Xubuntu 20.04 ships with a brand new optional theme, Greybird-dark. To switch from the default Greybird to Greybird-dark, open your Settings Manager and:

  • Click “Appearance”. Select “Greybird-dark”.
  • Click “All Settings”.
  • Click “Window Manager”. Select “Greybird-dark”.

Greybird-dark makes your entire desktop darker while still maintaining a usable contrast.

Desktop Integration

gedit installed as a Debian package, Snap, and Flatpak


Our desktop themes Greybird, Greybird-dark, and elementary-xfce are now included in the gtk-common-themes snap. When using any of these themes, you can expect snap packages to fit in perfectly with the rest of your desktop. Snaps work out of the box on Xubuntu, and can be installed with the included GNOME Software.


Greybird and Greybird-dark are available to install on Flathub! If you use Flatpaks on your system, you can install our themes and enjoy a consistent desktop experience with the following commands.

flatpak install org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Greybird
flatpak install org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Greybird-dark

Other Updates

Python 2

With Python 2 now officially End of Life as of January 1, 2020, Ubuntu and its various flavors are no longer shipping Python 2. Xubuntu includes only Python 3 as of 20.04.


Xubuntu/Other Packages

Xfce Core

Xfce Applications

Xfce Panel Plugins

Thunar Plugins