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-====== Xubuntu 21.04 BETA Release Notes ======+====== Xubuntu 21.04 Release Notes ======
-**Welcome to the Xubuntu 21.04 "Hirsute Hippo" beta release notes!**+**Welcome to the Xubuntu 21.04 "Hirsute Hippo" release notes!**
-//Please note that these release notes are still being written while Hirsute Hippo is still in developmentFeatures are unlikely to changebut new software updates and fixes are expected before the final releaseWe've also got a lot more to sayso stay tuned for a more exciting set of release notes closer to April 22.//+Xubuntu 21.04 was released on ThursdayApril 22, 2021 and will be supported for nine months until Thursday, January 22, 2022. For general information and the latest updates for Xubuntu 21.04check out the [[|release page]] on
-Xubuntu 21.04 will be released on Thursday, April 22, 2021 and will be supported for nine months until Thursday, January 22, 2022. For general information and the latest updates for Xubuntu 21.04, check out the [[|release page]] on{{ :releases:21.04:xubuntu_21.04.png |}}
   * [[#known_issues|Known Issues]]   * [[#known_issues|Known Issues]]
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   * grub-installer chooses which drive to install to with no user input ([[|964331]])   * grub-installer chooses which drive to install to with no user input ([[|964331]])
 +  * OEM installation uses the wrong slideshow ([[|1842047]])
 ==== General Issues ==== ==== General Issues ====
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 ===== Ubuntu Common Release Notes ===== ===== Ubuntu Common Release Notes =====
-The main Ubuntu [[|Release Notes]] covers both many of the other packages we carry and more issues common to every Ubuntu flavor. +The main Ubuntu [[|Release Notes]] covers both many of the other packages we carry and more issues common to every Ubuntu flavor. 
 ===== Major Updates ===== ===== Major Updates =====
-  * Xfce 4.16 ([[|Release Announcement]], [[|Changelog]], [[|Tour]]) +  * **Xfce 4.16** features many improvements over the previous release, including: 
-  * Hexchat and Synaptic added to the packageset+    * A new **"StatusTray" panel plugin**, consolidating the StatusNotifier and System plugins into a single powerful and consistent plugin. 
 +    * **Dark mode for the Xfce panel** to use a dark appearance without otherwise light themes. 
 +    * Support for **fractional scaling** in the Display preferences. 
 +    * **Queued file transfers**, **paused copy/move operations**, **per-directory view settings**, and more added to the Thunar file manager. 
 +    * For more information about Xfce 4.16, check out the [[|release announcement]], [[|changelog]], and [[|tour]]
 +  * **Hexchat** and **Synaptic** are now included in Xubuntu 21.04. 
 +    * **[[|HexChat]]** is an highly-configurable open source IRC client and is recommended over Pidgin for IRC communication. In Xubuntu, it's preconfigured to connect to the #xubuntu channel on Freenode. 
 +    * **[[|Synaptic]]** is an advanced package manager for apt. It joins GNOME Software on Xubuntu and can be safely used alongside it. 
 +  * **[[|Ayatana Indicators]]** are now used with LightDM GTK+ Greeter and the Xfce Indicator plugin. This change may affect your indicator usage, as not all existing Application Indicators have been ported. 
 +  * The full **Adwaita icon theme** is now included. Previously, we shipped a partial version of this icon theme as required by GTK 3. Using the partial version was a sub-par experience, so we've brought in the full version! 
 +  * Xubuntu 21.04 now includes a **"Minimal" install option** on the main ISO. This installation option is similar to the [[|Xubuntu Core]] installation image, and strips Xubuntu down to a might lighter base. To see the packages that are removed with the minimal install, check out our [[|seed file]]. 
 +  * Xubuntu-specific **translations** are vastly improved, with numerous updates landing in our [[|installer slideshow]], [[|default settings]], and [[|documentation]]. Many thanks to our translation team on [[|Transifex]]!
 ===== UX Updates ===== ===== UX Updates =====
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 ==== Keyboard Shortcuts ==== ==== Keyboard Shortcuts ====
-  * Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Logout +Our keyboard shortcuts were updated to better align with Xfce 4.16 and other popular desktop environments. For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, [[|click here]]. 
-  * Ctrl + Shift + Escape: Task Manager + 
-  * Super + R: Application Finder +  * **Ctrl+Alt+Delete**Shows the Logout dialog 
-  * Super + ECtrl + Alt + F: File Manager+  * **Ctrl+Shift+Escape**Launches Task Manager 
 +  * **Super+R**Launches the Application Finder 
 +  * **Super+E** or **Ctrl+Alt+F**Launches the File Manager
 ==== Desktop ==== ==== Desktop ====
-  * Hide File System and Removal Devices by default +  * The File System and removable device icons are no longer displayed on the desktop 
-  * Remove the applications menu from right-click+  * The applications menu has been removed from the desktop right-click menu
 ==== Menu ==== ==== Menu ====
-  * Removed Texinfo launcher +  * The Texinfo launcher has been removed from the menu 
-  * Moved Pavucontrol launcher to the Setting Manager "Sound" launcher+  * The PulseAudio Volume Control launcher has been removed from the menu and replaced with a "Sound" option in the Settings Manager
 ==== Panel ==== ==== Panel ====
-  * StatusNotifier plugin has been merged into Systray +  * The StatusNotifier and Systray plugins have been merged and replaced with the StatusTray plugin 
-  * Removed separator between the clock and Systray and added padding +  * The separator between the clock and tray icons was replaced with padding on both sides, removing the unclickable space between the plugins and giving the clock some breathing room 
-  * Enabled window focus support for the PulseAudio plugin+  * The PulseAudio plugin is now configured with window focus support, improving integration with third-party music players
 ==== Thunar ==== ==== Thunar ====
-  * Use the path bar widget by default +  * The path bar is now used by default, making it easier to navigate up paths 
-  * Enable opening folders in a new tab on middle click +  * Folders can now be opened in a new tab by middle-clicking them 
-  * Disabled changing window icon for special folders+  * Special folders (such as Home) will no longer change the window icon, adding consistency to the panel
 ===== Updates ===== ===== Updates =====
-//Significant package and version updates. For full package changelogs, see the Changelogs section below.//+//Significant package and version updates. For full package changelogs, see the [[#Changelogs|Changelogs]] section below.//
 ==== Application Stack ==== ==== Application Stack ====
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   * GNOME Mines 3.36.1   * GNOME Mines 3.36.1
   * GNOME Software 3.38.0   * GNOME Software 3.38.0
-  * GNOME Sudoku 3.38.1+  * GNOME Sudoku 40.0
   * Simple Scan 3.38.1   * Simple Scan 3.38.1