Keyboard Shortcuts in Impish Indri


Shortcut Function
Super or Ctrl+Escape Show the application menu
Super+F or Super+E or Ctrl+Alt+F Launch default file manager
Super+L Lock the screen
Super+M Launch default email client
Super+P Show the display switcher popup
Super+R or Alt+F2 Show the Run Application dialog
Super+T or Ctrl+Alt+T Launch default terminal emulator
Super+W Launch default web browser
Super+F1 Show the mouse cursor position
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Show the Logout dialog
Ctrl+Alt+Escape Activate the kill cursor (click a window to force-close it)
Ctrl+Shift+Escape Launch the Task Manager


Shortcut Function
Print Take a screenshot of the full screen
Alt+Print Take a screenshot of the current window
Shift+Print Take a regional screenshot

Multimedia Keyboard Specialty Keys

Shortcut Function
Calculator Launch Mate Calculator
Display Show the display switcher popup
Explorer Launch default file manager
Homepage Launch default web browser
Mail Launch default email client
Music Launch Rhythmbox
WWW Launch default web browser

Window Management

Shortcut Function
Alt+Tab Cycle windows
Alt+Shift+Tab Cycle windows in reverse
Shift+Alt+Page_Down Minimize the current window
Alt+F4 Close the current window
Alt+F5 Maximize the current window horizontally
Alt+F6 Maximize the current window vertically
Alt+F7 Maximize the current window
Alt+F8 Stick the current window
Alt+F9 Minimize the current window
Alt+F11 Fullscreen the current window
Alt+F12 Make the current window show above other windows
Super+Keypad1 Tile the current window to the bottom-left quarter
Super+Keypad2 Tile the current window to the bottom half
Super+Keypad3 Tile the current window to the bottom-right quarter
Super+Keypad4 Tile the current window to the left half
Super+Keypad6 Tile the current window to the right half
Super+Keypad7 Tile the current window to the upper-left quarter
Super+Keypad8 Tile the current window to the top half
Super+Keypad9 Tile the current window to the upper-right quarter
Shift+Alt+Page_Up Raise the current window
Super+D Show the Desktop
Super+Tab Show the per-application window switcher


Shortcut Function
Alt+Insert Create a new workspace
Alt+Delete Delete the current workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Down Switch to the below workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Up Switch to the above workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Left Switch to the left workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Right Switch to the the right workspace
Ctrl+F1 Switch to Workspace 1
Ctrl+F2 Switch to Workspace 2
Ctrl+F3 Switch to Workspace 3
Ctrl+F4 Switch to Workspace 4
Ctrl+F5 Switch to Workspace 5
Ctrl+F6 Switch to Workspace 6
Ctrl+F7 Switch to Workspace 7
Ctrl+F8 Switch to Workspace 8
Ctrl+F9 Switch to Workspace 9
Ctrl+F10 Switch to Workspace 10
Ctrl+F11 Switch to Workspace 11
Ctrl+F12 Switch to Workspace 12
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left Move the current window to the left workspace
Ctrl+Alt+End Move the current window to the next workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Home Move the current window to the previous workspace
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right Move the current window to the right workspace
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up Move the current window to the above workspace
Ctrl+Alt+1 Move window to Workspace 1
Ctrl+Alt+2 Move window to Workspace 2
Ctrl+Alt+3 Move window to Workspace 3
Ctrl+Alt+4 Move window to Workspace 4
Ctrl+Alt+5 Move window to Workspace 5
Ctrl+Alt+6 Move window to Workspace 6
Ctrl+Alt+7 Move window to Workspace 7
Ctrl+Alt+8 Move window to Workspace 8
Ctrl+Alt+9 Move window to Workspace 9