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-====== Xubuntu team wiki ======+== Home == 
 +====== Welcome to the Xubuntu team wiki======
-Welcome to the Xubuntu team wiki!+You have landed on the Xubuntu team wiki. This is the place where the Xubuntu contributors cooperate and communicate about development efforts.  
 +If you are looking for **user support** or **general information** about Xubuntu, please visit the [[|Xubuntu website]]. Among other things, the website features download links, team blog, list of support methods and information on how to start contributing. 
 +===== Registrations ===== 
 +Automatic user registrations to the wiki are disabled to prevent spam. If you want a user account to be able to edit pages and more, be in touch with the [[lphome>xubuntu-website|Xubuntu website team]] and they will create you one. 
 +===== Sitemap ===== 
 +To see all the pages currently in the wiki, see the [[start?do=index|Sitemap]].