Guidelines for Twitter Admins

Twitter is one of our most public social media outlets, and the only one where we promote the contents of others (via retweets), so care should be taken when using this facility to ensure fairness and effective promotion of content we want our followers to see.

Tip: Follow not only the @Xubuntu mentions, but also #Xubuntu to find content worth sharing.

As an administrator, you're expected to follow the following guidelines.

What we tweet

  • Release notifications
  • Calls for participation (testing, help with documentation, etc)
  • General project announcements
  • Blog posts we publish
  • Contests we run (ie - wallpaper contest for each LTS)

Only tweet (and retweet) about Xubuntu

  • There are a lot of generalist Ubuntu, Linux, and open source news sources out there, we are just Xubuntu.
  • An occasional tweet about a derivative is fine, but make sure they abide by the Guidelines for Xubuntu derivatives .
  • An occasional tweet from @Ubuntu is fine, as long as it somehow impacts Xubuntu.


  • The Xubuntu account does not typically answer questions from users directly, unless they are factual in nature (when is the next release coming out, where is the documentation, etc).
  • Most discussion and engagement should happen from your personal Twitter account.


  • Before you retweet content from a user, do your best to make sure they are worthy of retweeting. If their content is often objectionable to most audiences (violence, nudity, harassment of other users, to name a few), we don't want to promote their tweets.
  • Do not over-retweet (no more than 2-3 retweets per day). Most followers want to see news from the project, over-retweeting of content from other uses may reduce followers.
  • Avoid re-tweeting the same user frequently. We have some great fans! But be selective about the content we share from them, share the big announcements and important things, not every mention.

Follows and Lists

  • To avoid favoritism and generally not wanting to upset people if they are not followed by the account but believe they should be, we generally don't follow anyone.
    • We do follow at least one Xubuntu developer and the Xfce account, so we are open to suggestions.
  • Lists are not used for the same reason as following.