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Officially endorsed t-shirts are now offered by!

Test runs

  • Ordered design on black from 7/2012, was printed slightly off, see here. They have full refund policy if not satisfied, but we might not want to go with this vendor if there is a chance some will come offset.
  • Ordered free sample non-Xubuntu shirt from, not greatest quality t-shirt.

Design Proposals

Things to keep in mind when writing design proposals:

  • T-shirts in our budget are limited in colors (most vendors offer white and black, plus a few primary colors), so a design should expect to be placed on a plain background
  • If you propose a design that expects a dark background, keep in mind that for many vendors this means the design will print even darker than the image that is submitted
  • You may use this SVG for design proposals: tshirt_template.svg
  • Xubuntu mouse on front, “” lettering on back

  • Xubuntu mouse on back, “Xubuntu” word on front, blue t-shirt

  • Your proposal here!